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New Street Masters Jackets Order is Due Nov 18, 2019!

Message from Patrick
Club Jackets Orders

Long story short – here’s the best I can find for club jackets.  These are the same Port Authority as before, fully embroidered, with your name and the club logo on the front of the jacket.  The back is also embroidered but the size is only 4” – I haven’t found any vendor that can reproduce a full back embroidered jacket for less than $100 each.

PRICE:  $50 EACH – bring your payment, size and exactly how you want your name embroidered to the Nov 18 meeting and we’ll order on the 19th.  Vendor believes they can have them to us by the Christmas Party Dec 7.

If you cannot attend the meeting, I will need your payment BEFORE I order on the 19th.  Drop a check in the mail to SMCC PO Box 185 along with your size and how you want your named spelled out. has all the sizing and other options available.  By ordering together we avoid several fees and faster shipping.  

Deb Eich Photo Calendars added to Avera St Mary’s Gift Shop

Beth Urban (L) and Frank Eich (R) present the Deb Eich 2020 Street Masters Calendar
to Kellie Yackley (center) who received the calendars on behalf of
Avera St Mary’s Foundation and the Helmsely Center in Pierre.

The calendars were created from some of Deb’s extensive collection of photos
she had taken through the years and are available for purchase at the Avera St. Mary’s Gift Shop.

Rally 4 Robert Totals over $7900.00!!

Note from Mark and Sharon Hoelscher

Countryside Support & Memory Center teamed with Marc & Sharon Hoelscher and the local Street Masters car club, to organize the 114 mile dice run that had 120 participants who raised over $7900.00 in an afternoon of fun, food, and fellowship. This money was raised through the purchase of the dice run cards, silent auction items, 50/50 drawing, donations, and the Dakota Quilt 2019 raffle.

“The Dakota Quilt 2019 was won by a local cancer patient, Kellie, who is currently fighting the battle against breast cancer. Family and friends gathered to help her fight the battle with a weekend of shopping, celebrating life, and the “ceremonial” shaving of the head. Kellie’s winning ticket was bought the day of the Rods & Rides Dice Run with Kellie being notified she was the quilt winner during a barbecue at her home.  Kellie’s luck had not run out for the day! As she was walking from her patio into the garage, she looked down and there on the concrete was a shiny penny, face up. Robert sent her a penny from heaven for luck, just as he always picked up pennies for good luck during his short life. That is one penny Kellie will definitely need to keep!”

Attached is a picture of Kellie (center) the winner of the Dakota Quilt 2019, along with quilters Doug Parker, Sarah Gallagher & Karen England, Patrick Callahan, representative from the Street Masters car club, and Marc and Sharon Hoelscher, co-chairs of the event.

Thank you again for your contribution and support of cancer patients in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre area. Every penny really does count!

Mark and Sharon Hoelscher

Rally 4 Robert A Huge Success!

Street Masters alongside local bike groups came together last Saturday to  celebrate and honor the life of Robert Disburg.  Robert was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and courageously fought the disease.  On Robert’s passing, the Disburg family helped establish the “Pennies for Robert” bed and Breakfast program in partnership with Countryside Hospice and Memory Care Center in Pierre. 

The 2019 Rally 4 Robert fundraiser raised over $7500.00 for the program. Street Masters contributed just over $2587.00 to that total!!

Thanks to our great Club member participation in this worthy cause!