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What’s in a Name? How We became Street Masters

Street Masters
In the latter years of the last century…March, 1988 – to be exact…
the Club was originally named “Central South Dakota Street Rods“.
This name was not a favorite of the members and John Noyes proposed
Pierre Area Cruisers“…this did not please the group,
whereupon Tom Tillman suggested that the name change
should be something that all members approved.
Sean Billet offered up “Pierre Street Machines“, roundly opposed by the group and rejected.
Bob O’Day was next up with “Pierre Auto Club“…that proposal went down in flames.
Lacking a better proposal, the Club stood as “Pierre Area Cruisers” for the time being. 
The goal of the Club was to finalize a name as soon as possible
in view of the fact that there could be no legal business transacted
without  an official name.  

The following names were to be placed on the ballot:
Push Rods
Bent Axles
River City Rods and Machines
Street Masters
Dakota Rods and Machines
Road Rebels
Dam Rodders
Club members would approve
Street Masters
as our moniker in April 1988.